Career Moves: Do what feels right and it will never set you wrong

Career paths are rarely, if ever, linear. Very few of us start off with a plan in mind and stick to it rigidly. Sometimes the opportunities we want don’t come our way and sometimes the timing is wrong. Sometimes we look gift horses in the mouth and turn away. My advice to you is neverContinue reading “Career Moves: Do what feels right and it will never set you wrong”

Coffee always tastes better with a friend

For those of you who quiver at the thought of organised networking, remember networking is something you already do, most likely every day of the week. Grabbing a coffee at the weekend with a friend is networking. Meeting colleagues for lunch is networking. Doing a short night course is networking. Even chatting to neighbours whenContinue reading “Coffee always tastes better with a friend”

“Natworking” – the art of natural networking

For some people, the thought of networking instills fear and anxiety because they feel it doesn’t come naturally to them or they are not good at it. The good news is that networking is a skill and like all skills, it can be learned. One of my bug-bears however is contrived networking; where people attend eventsContinue reading ““Natworking” – the art of natural networking”