Be Amazing!

We often hear inspiring leaders telling us to ‘Be Amazing” but what exactly does that mean? Surely, we can’t all be the next Sheryl Sandberg, Jurgen Klopp or Jeff Bezos. For most of us, that looks like a very heart stopping leap into the scary zone.

Here’s the thing though – being amazing doesn’t mean being famous or writing a bestseller. Being amazing happens every day of the week, in every size and in everyone.

  • Amazing are the parents who walk the floor all night with sick children
  • Amazing are people who embrace growing old with elegance and vitality
  • Amazing are people who choose to care for others because they are good at it
  • Amazing are kids who work hard to turn a C  into a B on a subject they don’t like
  • Amazing are single moms, single dads and stay-at-home parents
  • Amazing are the families who beat homelessness
  • Amazing are people who lose weight and beat obesity
  • Amazing are people who do the right thing, because it is the right thing to do
  • Amazing are those who protect the planet, stand up for what’s right and are courageous enough to be their true selves

Amazing is all around us. It often only makes itself known when we look in the rear-view mirror – when we look back and see that we got through something difficult and we held it together. We came out the other side and that was amazing!

So YES, BE AMAZING. Be strong. Be resilient. Be optimistic. Be grateful. Be kind to yourself. Celebrate amazing in others, recognise it in yourself and look forward to your next one.

And when someone tells you to Be Amazing! Tell them you already are.

Published by Gillian Bergin

Mentoring enthusiast with passion for people, leadership, personal development, sharing life experiences and all things data and innovation.

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