Career Moves: Do what feels right and it will never set you wrong

Career paths are rarely, if ever, linear. Very few of us start off with a plan in mind and stick to it rigidly. Sometimes the opportunities we want don’t come our way and sometimes the timing is wrong. Sometimes we look gift horses in the mouth and turn away. My advice to you is never turn down an opportunity just because the timing is not quite right or it wasn’t in your plan. Ask yourself, Will the timing ever be right? Could it become part of a new plan? Remember you may still get to your eventual destination by taking a different route and a new destination can often prove to be more fulfilling.

Sometimes different routes are inspiring, eye-opening and refreshing. When someone presents you with an opportunity, it’s rarely out of compassion or convenience. It’s because they know you can do it. If they have this faith in you, it’s important that you have this faith in yourself. When evaluating opportunities (even the ones you didn’t expect or plan) trust your instinct. If it feels wrong, don’t do it, but if it feels right, fun, inspiring and a little scary, go for it.  

Published by Gillian Bergin

Mentoring enthusiast with passion for people, leadership, personal development, sharing life experiences and all things data and innovation.

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